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 Post subject: Blood Fist Application Example
PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:23 pm 
Blood Admin
Blood Admin

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Blood Fist Application

Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Specialization w/ OffSpec:
Elemental w/ Resto

Character Level:

Position Applying For: [Raider] | [Social]

WoW Armory: (Link from ... i/advanced

Alts: (Name / Class / Level)
Qamikazi / Rogue / 90

Are You The Original Owner Of The Account?

Do You Have An Authenticator?
Yes on iPhone 5

What Are Your Strengths / What Are Your Weaknesses?
Strengths – I have a solid understanding of the elemental and restoration shaman class. I know what spells to use at exactly what times of need including -quick changes- in playstyle. I can switch between both specs without any problem or poor performance.

Weakness – When people pop bloodlust / warp or any lust and I am not prepared I tend to hesitate which leads to a decrease in dps / burst dps when needed. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I honestly throw totems and spells out that wouldn't make any sense. CHAIN LIGHTNING HEROIC JIN'ROKH GO GO!

Please describe your first raiding guild to your last raiding guild and why you left or were removed. Include any type of raiding content you experience on your character:
<Ascension> US01 World (top 10) human priest, raided vanilla to bc then ragequit.
<Wretched> Behind <Ascension> horde raiding guild, undead holy priest -class lead- raided molten core to naxxramas first priest to get benediction and 9/9 naxx tier
<Eternal Reign> US03 World 12 human paladin, raided most of the content with ER in BC then guild hopped to <Sadistic Minds> BC – Wrath.
<Fresh> Shaman from T11 to Heroic DS 8/8 transferred to Primarch.
<Primarch> Stayed in Primarch for a week, recruited to the bench. None the less another, top US30 Heroic Throne of Thunder guild.
<The Praxeum> / <Exodus> Stayed for a couple days, too many wipes on select bosses. Wanted more progression.
Applied to <Blood Fist>

Link your World of Logs / Combat Parses Here: (Although this is not Required, it is helpful)
Expired logs, however – I have world rankings in MSV and Terrace
Top 50 Heroic Feng the Fail - Elemental
Top 30 Elite Protectors - Elemental
Top 30 Heroic: Gara'jal - Elemental
Top 30 Heroic: Tsu-Long - Restoration
Top 15 Heroic: Stone Guards - Elemental
Top 05 Heroic: Elegon - Elemental

Please take a screen shot of your UI:

(User Interface. Screen shots can be done by using the “Print” button on your keyboard which is located next to the F12 button, this will then take a screen capture and save it to your World of Warcraft directory. Use an image service, we recommend for this service as it has many functions to link for phpbb3 forums. [Imgur Directions: 1. Drag and Drop SS to the site or choose “Browse Your Computer” 2. Start Upload 3. On the right hand side you will see numerous available links – click the “BBCode (message boards & forums)” and paste it underneath this question]

Blood Fist Raids Monday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8PM to 12AM EST (US) Blood Fist also raids LFR on Tuesdays (Not Mandatory). What is your availability per week? (Include Days and Hours)
All Days All Hours

Mumble is required to raid with Blood Fist, do you have Mumble installed? Do you have a headset / speakers and microphone? (Mics are not mandatory, but Mumble is – you can download mumble here:
I have Ventrillo, Mumble, Teamspeak, RaidCall installed with a Turtle Beach Headset w/ Mic

Do you have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), BigWigs or another Boss Encounter Timer installed and working correctly? Are there any conflicts from you using the aforementioned add-ons?
I have 21 Addons including DBM, GTFO and a couple other useful raiding addons

What are you looking for in a guild? Why did you choose Blood Fist apart from thousands of other guilds on numerous servers?
I'm looking for a great community of people who I can talk and joke with. I tend to stay up until 5 or 6am and I know we have some late night people in Blood Fist. To be honest, Blood Fist was the last guild I was going to apply to for raiding purposes before going to Illidan.

What can Blood Fist expect from you?
I'm highly competitive (even though I still need to work on my elemental rotation openers) coming from top 50 US, Top 100 World guilds. I'm extremely competitive and that gets the best of me. I was a protection paladin when I was ranking in Heroic MSV, I rage quit d/e'd my protection paladin when people didn't paint tiles correctly. I have extreme dedication and motivation towards raiding and new features in world of warcraft including leading raids / dungeons / challenge modes whether it's in guild, a group on the server or

We use a loot system similar to EPGP however, our GM came up with the “LPS” system, have you read through our LPS description and understand how it works? Do you have any problems with this system?
I read everything about LPS, took a look at the LPS system and it looks fair to me. No further questions your honor.

On a scale of 1 – 10 please rate your: (1 = Terrible 10 = Excellent)

1. Computer Performance (specifically particles / explosions / texture projection in a 25 man raid setting): 10
2. Internet Connection (run a from your living area to Los Angeles, CA): Image
3. Raid Awareness / Mechanics: 1


List your Computer Stats: (Optional – Some of us like nerding out)
Custom Built PC -
Corsair White Graphite 600T Series Mid Tower Case
1x Intel Core i7 OC 4.0GHz
16 GB Ram (upgrading to 32GB)
1x GTX 650 2GB but Upgrading to 2x NVIDIA GTX Titan's Overclocked 12GB VRAM
DVD R/W / Blu-Ray R/W / 12in1 Media Reader / 8 3.0 USB
2x 200MM Fans 2x 120MM Fans – With Fan Controllers and Temp Guard

What is your average FPS? FPS during a 10 or 25M Raid?
25M Raiding Heavy Visuals = 50+
Idle = 50+

Do you know anyone in Blood Fist who can vouch/sponsor you?
Felisara. I was trying out for <Catch Phrase> and they denied me because I was 10k dps short of the GM's dps, so I asked Fel if he would sponsor me and he said no (he only sponsors people he has on his realID) so I just applied anyways. Richard Branson and George Lucas will vouch for me though.

Hypothetical Question: Grandma Gene forgets the yeast in her famous chocolate cake, would there be enough sugar in the cake to make the cake rise?
Grandma Gene always forgets to put stuff in her cakes and pies. Sometimes you even find interesting things in her cakes and pies like Blingtron 4000's bling blongs.

Do you have any additional comments?

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