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 Post subject: Òmbra / Shadow Priest / 110
PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2017 1:33 am 

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Character Name: Òmbra

Character Class: Priest

Character Specialization w/ OffSpec: Shadow w/ Disc + Holy

Character Level: 110

WoW Armory: ... %c3%b2mbra

Are You The Original Owner Of The Account? Yes

Do You Have An Authenticator? Not at the moment (new phone)

What Are Your Strengths / What Are Your Weaknesses? Strengths: Mechanics and keeping up with my DPS. Weaknesses: Staying focused near the end of a long night of wipes.

Please describe your first raiding guild to your last raiding guild and why you left or were removed. Include any type of raiding content you experience on your character: Ruineous Senility in MoP, AOTC Garrosh, left due to guild move; Various short term guilds throughout WoD that often disbanded within a couple weeks of joining, Break during BRF, returned to a guild (don't recall the name) that cleared AOTC Archimonde and 3/13 Mythic. Currently 8/9 H with a guild called Executioners on Thrall.

Link your World of Logs / Combat Parses Here: ... amage-done

Please take a screen shot of your UI:

Blood Fist Raids Monday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8PM to 12AM EST (US) Blood Fist also raids LFR on Tuesdays (Not Mandatory). What is your availability per week? Currently free any day after ~4pm EST (sometimes all day), starting the last week of August, it will be ~5:30-6 P.M EST.

Mumble is required to raid with Blood Fist, do you have Mumble installed? Do you have a headset / speakers and microphone? Yes, Yes, and Yes.

Do you have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), BigWigs or another Boss Encounter Timer installed and working correctly? Are there any conflicts from you using the aforementioned add-ons? DBM as well as using Weak Auras and ERT to track certain mechanics.

What are you looking for in a guild? Why did you choose Blood Fist apart from thousands of other guilds on numerous servers? I am looking for a guild that is making reasonable progress but not expecting me to be on 7 nights a week for 9 hours a day.

What can Blood Fist expect from you? Solid DPS, willingness to perform any mechanic (even if it's unfavorable for my class) as well as play any class/roll asked of me because I just enjoy playing the game. As well as a friendly player that's not afraid to banter when appropriate. If I am doing something wrong, I will find a pug or lfr and practice that mechanic over and over until I have it right. E.G. I did Heroic Mistress with 3 different groups with ~50 pulls just to make sure my hydra shot mechanics were correct.

We use a loot system similar to EPGP however, our GM came up with the “LPS” system, have you read through our LPS description and understand how it works? Do you have any problems with this system? Nah

On a scale of 1 – 10 please rate your: (1 = Terrible 10 = Excellent)

1. Computer Performance (specifically particles / explosions / texture projection in a 25 man raid setting): 6
2. Internet Connection (run a from your living area to Chicago, IL): 7-9 depending if I'm at home or school.
3. Raid Awareness / Mechanics: 8

List your Computer Stats: nothing impressive but gets the job done.

What is your average FPS? FPS during a 10 or 25M Raid? World: 50-60, Raid: ~40

Do you know anyone in Blood Fist who can vouch/sponsor you: I have known Kandivya for awhile and raided together during MoP and a portion of HFC. I also know Soroon and Merewyn to some degree but have not raided with them.

Hypothetical Question: Grandma Gene forgets the yeast in her famous chocolate cake, would there be enough sugar in the cake to make the cake rise? Probably not but I don't bake anything besides lasagna. I thrive off fast food and quick meals.

Do you have any additional comments? My browser doesn't always work so a good way to contact me would be through my bnet tomb34567#1349

 Post subject: Re: Òmbra / Shadow Priest / 110
PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 1:55 am 
Blood Fist Officer
Blood Fist Officer

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Hey, get in touch of me if you can: Slims#1766.

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