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 Post subject: Psalm / Holy Priest / 110
PostPosted: Mon Jan 23, 2017 9:33 pm 

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Blood Fist Application

Character Name: Psalm-EarthenRing

Character Class: Priest

Character Specialization w/ OffSpec: Holy

Character Level: 110

WoW Armory: ... alm/simple

Are You The Original Owner Of The Account? Yes

Do You Have An Authenticator? Yes

What Are Your Strengths / What Are Your Weaknesses?
I play a lot! I have the hours to spare and I put in my time. I've only ever raided as a healer, however, and have never learned to dps effectively.

Please describe your first raiding guild to your last raiding guild and why you left or were removed. Include any type of raiding content you experience on your character:
I was part of the server #2/3 raiding guild on Thrall back in Classic. They fell apart when BC launched and I tried a couple casual raiding guilds but they just weren't the right fit. Took a break after that, returning to raiding regularly with AIE in WoD to the present, completing AOTC. I have played this same character the whole time.

Link your World of Logs / Combat Parses Here: (Although this is not Required, it is helpful) ... metric=hps
(Warcraft Logs is actually down atm so I hope this link is accurate)

Please take a screen shot of your UI:

Blood Fist Raids Monday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8PM to 12AM EST (US) Blood Fist also raids LFR on Tuesdays (Not Mandatory). What is your availability per week? (Include Days and Hours)
I am almost always available.

Mumble is required to raid with Blood Fist, do you have Mumble installed? Do you have a headset / speakers and microphone? (Mics are not mandatory, but Mumble is – you can download mumble here:
I have mumble, headset, and microphone

Do you have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), BigWigs or another Boss Encounter Timer installed and working correctly? Are there any conflicts from you using the aforementioned add-ons?
Running DBM without issues

What are you looking for in a guild? Why did you choose Blood Fist apart from thousands of other guilds on numerous servers?
I'm looking for a friendly but more progressed guild than my current one. I also have friends in Blood Fist.

What can Blood Fist expect from you?
I will always try my best. I'm generally quiet but friendly and polite. As mentioned earlier, I'm around a lot!

We use a loot system similar to EPGP however, our GM came up with the “LPS” system, have you read through our LPS description and understand how it works? Do you have any problems with this system?
I have read it and have no problems with it.

On a scale of 1 – 10 please rate your: (1 = Terrible 10 = Excellent)

1. Computer Performance (specifically particles / explosions / texture projection in a 25 man raid setting): 9
2. Internet Connection (run a from your living area to Chicago, IL):
3. Raid Awareness / Mechanics: 7

List your Computer Stats: (Optional – Some of us like nerding out)
Core i7-6700HQ 2.60GHz, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 225GB SSD

What is your average FPS? FPS during a 10 or 25M Raid?

Do you know anyone in Blood Fist who can vouch/sponsor you?
Phrenominon, Laundry

Hypothetical Question: Grandma Gene forgets the yeast in her famous chocolate cake, would there be enough sugar in the cake to make the cake rise?
Grandma Gene wouldn't put yeast in her cake because it doesn't call for yeast. She has been known to forget the salt though.

Do you have any additional comments? Hope to see you all in game!

 Post subject: Re: Psalm / Holy Priest / 110
PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:51 am 
Blood Fist Officer
Blood Fist Officer

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Thank you the post.
If you BOTH can find me in game<or phen /ahvb>

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