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 Post subject: Keronia/ 110 Proct Paladin ilevel 857, Amaaza 110 MarksH806
PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 7:49 pm 

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Character Name:

Character Class:

Character Specialization Protection Lvl 21: I can go dps or heals with this character
I do prefer to do RDPS when raiding and Tank when doing Mythics, Mythic +s, Mega Dungeons

Character Level:110

WoW Armory: ... nia/simple

Are You The Original Owner Of The Account? Yes

Do You Have An Authenticator? No, I can buy one though.

What Are Your Strengths / What Are Your Weaknesses? I am strong and being concise and can carry out a strategy that is given. I am not great at changing strat five times in a row though.

Please describe your first raiding guild to your last raiding guild and why you left or were removed. Include any type of raiding content you experience on your character: My first raiding guild was back during the Vanilla days and I played OT as Arms Warrior for Pirates Never Die. We cleared ZG 40 once a week and we also did MC. It was a great time with great people and the atmosphere was kept light with no insults being given to other players but teasing each other from time to time while clearing trash. My last guild was a lot like this except there were a few players, who I won't name because I don't feel like making drama, who were rude to others and were allowed to be that way. Instead of starting drama I decided to leave the guild.

Please take a screen shot of your UI: I can give this to you once I know who to send it to.

(User Interface. Screen shots can be done by using the “Print” button on your keyboard which is located next to the F12 button, this will then take a screen capture and save it to your World of Warcraft directory. Use an image service, we recommend for this service as it has many functions to link for phpbb3 forums. [Imgur Directions: 1. Drag and Drop SS to the site or choose “Browse Your Computer” 2. Start Upload 3. On the right hand side you will see numerous available links – click the “BBCode (message boards & forums)” and paste it underneath this question]

Blood Fist Raids Monday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8PM to 12AM EST (US) Blood Fist also raids LFR on Tuesdays (Not Mandatory). What is your availability per week? I can raid on those hours. I'm on all week.

Mumble is required to raid with Blood Fist, do you have Mumble installed? Yes I have it and a good headset w/microphone that I use

Do you have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), BigWigs or another Boss Encounter Timer installed and working correctly? Yes, I keep DBM up to date via Curse client

What are you looking for in a guild? Why did you choose Blood Fist apart from thousands of other guilds on numerous servers? I'm looking for a guild that has members who are not blatantly hateful to other players and who understand and value the art of professionalism and friendship.

What can Blood Fist expect from you? I'm consistent, I hold myself accountable for my failures as a player, and I do my homework in studying boss encounters, I also bring along my own flasks

We use a loot system similar to EPGP however, our GM came up with the “LPS” system, have you read through our LPS description and understand how it works? Do you have any problems with this system? Yes and I believe it's a great system to use so that it keeps ninja looting from happening.

On a scale of 1 – 10 please rate your: (1 = Terrible 10 = Excellent)

1. Computer Performance (specifically particles / explosions / texture projection in a 25 man raid setting): 10
2. Internet Connection (run a from your living area to Chicago, IL): 10
3. Raid Awareness / Mechanics: 8

List your Computer Stats: (Optional – Some of us like nerding out) I'll tell you if I'm invited into guild.

What is your average FPS? FPS during a 10 or 25M Raid? 60fps

Do you know anyone in Blood Fist who can vouch/sponsor you? I don't know if Arikos is in the guild but he and I raided before once upon a time

Hypothetical Question: Grandma Gene forgets the yeast in her famous chocolate cake, would there be enough sugar in the cake to make the cake rise? You need yeast to make the cake rise.

Do you have any additional comments? Woo Pig Sooie

 Post subject: Re: Keronia/ 110 Proct Paladin ilevel 857, Amaaza 110 MarksH
PostPosted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:49 am 
Blood Fist Officer
Blood Fist Officer

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Sorry that it took this long to get back to you.
Find ahvb and or Kardiovert in game we can talk < we use mumble and discord >.

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