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 Post subject: Lorsaire - Unholy Death Knight - 110
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:56 am 

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Blood Fist Application

Character Name: Lorsaire

Character Class: Death Knight

Character Specialization w/ OffSpec: Primary: Unholy, Off-spec: Frost

Character Level: 110

WoW Armory: ... g/lorsaire

Are You The Original Owner Of The Account? Yes

Do You Have An Authenticator? Yes

What Are Your Strengths / What Are Your Weaknesses?

Strengths: I'm someone who tries to push my performance. The way I see the role of dps is to execute on mechanics, and do that while minimizing incoming damage while maximizing your outgoing damage. Doesn't help to tunnel bosses or pad meters with AoE if you are missing vital mechanics, but as long as you are doing the mechanics, you want to push your performance and log parses. I'm very good at reading logs, I've been in putting together performance spread sheets for the Praxeum as one of their officers for the past few raid tiers to try and help boost raid performance. I'm good at figuring out how to gain efficiency. I work as a Director for a Data Analytics team (and rose up the ranks from a SQL developer in the department) IRL, so Data is something I'm really good with. More than that, I really think I have excellent raid awareness. I don't tend to stand in bad, when I die its almost always because my defensives were already used up trying to avoid it when there was no way to reposition or other ways to avoid it. Plus I'm someone that watches cooldowns on fight abilities constantly scanning to figure out when I need to use and potentially hold cooldowns to line up right and eek the most out of my fights. And I always come prepared. I watch videos of fights before going to do them. I study my class to see what's new I can tweak for better performance in talents, gear, and my stats. I have my alchemy recipes mostly to 3 stars, and always show up with full consumables (and usually some cauldrons for the raid).

Weakness: Tanking, I'm a terrible tank. I can hold threat and keep people from dying on easy content I overgear, but I spend almost all of my time in dps-mode, on pretty much all of my characters. So, I just don't have much practice tanking, and find that the mind-set for it seems very foreign, which gives me poor reaction times for it. I'm also not very good in raid leading situations. I'm good with paying attention to my own performance, but I find when I'm trying to focus on everyone else it gets overwhelming and it doesn't go well. I'm great and combing through logs and meters to analyze what happened after, but in the thick of it, I'm not great in being able to give a team direction.

Please describe your first raiding guild to your last raiding guild and why you left or were removed. Include any type of raiding content you experience on your character:

My first raiding experience was back in classic. I raided with a guild called Four Feathers back through the opening of Molten Core & Blackwing Lair. I was their Mage Class lead and an officer with them, on a character named Valcronde (still one of my alts). Around about the time Four Feathers broke up, I began raiding with the Shadow Remains team through AQ40, and Naxx40. When Burning Crusade came out, I raided with Shadow Remains to begin the xpack, but about the Black Temple time frame I had to cut back a ton become much more casual, and stopped raiding to focus on school, work, and real life. I changed over to this character as my main in Wrath, but stayed casual only doing non-raid content with the team. I took off and stopped playing Warcraft at all during both the second half of Cataclysm, and the second half of Pandaria. I think around that time I was removed from Shadow Remains, I think the guild may have dissolved at some point in the interim and I was inactive. I returned and began playing more again in Warlords, only casual at first. Just before the launch of Hellfire Citadel, I ran into a bunch of my Four Feathers team and was referred into the Praxeum, and I started raiding with them in HFC. I raided as Frost through Normal and most of Heroic HFC, but did pick up Unholy as an off-spec for a few fights where Necroblight really was king in HFC. I did try to pug a bit of Mythic since that was beyond the Praxeums intended content. I've stayed with the Praxeum to present day, and was made an Officer back last winter, focusing on data analysis for our raids, and coaching our DPS. I've been raiding focused on Unholy Death Knight through Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, The Nighthold, and Tomb of Sargeras. I've managed to attain AotC on each of the raids so far since I've returned except ToS since we were still progressing Heroic. And that brings us to the present day.

Link your World of Logs / Combat Parses Here: (Although this is not Required, it is helpful)
Overall Heroic ToS: ... bracket=-1
H Goroth: ... amage-done
H Inquisition: ... amage-done
H Harjatan: ... amage-done
H Sassz'ine: ... amage-done
H Sisters" ... amage-done
H Host: ... amage-done
N Maiden: ... amage-done
N Avatar: ... amage-done
N KJ: ... amage-done
N NH: ... artition=1

Please take a screen shot of your UI:

This shows a bunch of various custom weakauras I built for myself ( most of that is not all up on the screen at once. But I built it that way because I'm someone who needs big flashy in my face warnings, small minimalist UIs don't work for me, I'm terrible at those "find x in the picture" games, and most people build minimalist UIs.

This shows my normal screen with less up:

Blood Fist Raids Monday / Wednesday / Thursday from 8PM to 12AM EST (US) Blood Fist also raids LFR on Tuesdays (Not Mandatory). What is your availability per week? (Include Days and Hours): I'm on almost every night. I just turned 40 this year, and am trying to look after my health which I needed to put some priority on, so I have a gym appointment with my trainer that runs from 7-8 on Mon/Wed, but I can usually be in by 8:15-8:20. I have some leeway with that potentially on Wed, and could look to be on by the raid time at 8 if I need to change. No problems with the Thursday raid time. I'm on most nights up to around 1-2am server time. About the only thing I can't do is commit to an organized raiding schedule on Fri/Sat/Sun evenings as I promised my wife I would leave those open for us. If there is optional content those nights I can join when time permits, but I need to keep those reserved.

Available times: M: 8:15pm-1:00am, T: 7:30pm-1:00am, W: 8:15pm-1:00am *(can alter if needed), Th: 7:30pm-1:00am, Fri/Sat/Sun: usually on throughout the day or evening

Mumble is required to raid with Blood Fist, do you have Mumble installed? Do you have a headset / speakers and microphone? (Mics are not mandatory, but Mumble is – you can download mumble here: I was using Mumble with Praxeum until we converted to Discord. After getting a new computer in the Spring I did not reinstall it as we hadn't been using it, but I certainly can easy enough. I was running Mumble, Discord, Teamspeak, and Ventrillo at one point until it seemed like everyone went to Discord. Whatever is needed to deal with communication is fine. I have speakers, a headset with mic to speak as well.

Do you have DBM (Deadly Boss Mods), BigWigs or another Boss Encounter Timer installed and working correctly? Are there any conflicts from you using the aforementioned add-ons? No conflicts. I use DBM, Exorsus, Skada, GTFO, WeakAuras, RCLootCouncil, Pawn, and a number of other addons that don't really impact raiding. I usually custom build my own WeakAuras for my own purposes.

What are you looking for in a guild? Why did you choose Blood Fist apart from thousands of other guilds on numerous servers?

Blood Fist members have joined the Praxeum on some raids when we were pugging, and most of your folks have always seemed decent individuals. And I know that a couple of the other Praxeum Officers have spoken very highly of people on your team both raiders and leadership. On top of that, you guys have been around for a very long time (some of you as long as I have, and likely longer with the couple breaks I took), and are well established, and sound like you have a good set of expectations for your team. One of the biggest things I'm looking for is to be able to get into Mythic level raiding. I haven't done the higher end content since my early days in Shadow Remains, but I'm itching to try that out again and run with a team that is focused on progression there. I've always made Earthen Ring my home. I have no desire to swap to any other server. I also would never swap to the Alliance. So out of all the guilds out there, this seemed like it might be the most natural fit.

What can Blood Fist expect from you? I show up prepared, I always have and use full consumables. I'm a calm, rational, mature individual who doesn't get into drama, and loves to focus on how to help the team do better. I run logs, I analyze logs, and I push to do better than before, I'm not typically happy with my performance unless I manage orange for my iLvl. I know my class inside and out, and study up with other knowledgeable folks on Discord and forums to see what optimization can be done after changes. I grind where necessary for character advancement. I am happy to bash my head against a boss for hours as my team learns and progresses on a fight, my focus is usually on getting to that next boss down and feeling good about what we've accomplished.

We use a loot system similar to EPGP however, our GM came up with the “LPS” system, have you read through our LPS description and understand how it works? Do you have any problems with this system?

I've read and think I understand it. It seems very similar to the way things ran when I was a part of Shadow Remains. I think it sounds fair.

On a scale of 1 – 10 please rate your: (1 = Terrible 10 = Excellent)

1. Computer Performance (specifically particles / explosions / texture projection in a 25 man raid setting): 10
2. Internet Connection (run a from your living area to Chicago, IL): 10 -
3. Raid Awareness / Mechanics: 9

List your Computer Stats: (Optional – Some of us like nerding out)
Alienware Aurora chassis
7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700 Processor (4-Cores, 8MB Cache, Turbo Boost 2.0, up to 4.2GHz)
32GB DDR4 at 2400MHz;
Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 each (NVIDIA SLI® Enabled)
Alienware™ 850 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Killer 1535 802.11ac 2x2 WiFi Wireless LAN and Bluetooth 4.1

What is your average FPS? FPS during a 10 or 25M Raid?
100+ FPS

Do you know anyone in Blood Fist who can vouch/sponsor you?
Unfortunately I do not, not well enough anyway. I know I have raided alongside a few of the Blood Fist raiders from time to time when Praxeum has invited some of you to join, but no one to sponsor.

Hypothetical Question: Grandma Gene forgets the yeast in her famous chocolate cake, would there be enough sugar in the cake to make the cake rise?

I'm not a fantastic baker, I like to cook but baking isn't my specialty. But I think sugar does have some leavening effect on cakes, sugar beat into the fat content like butter and eggs should make a lot of air bubbles and cause it to rise a bit.

Do you have any additional comments?
I do keep an up to date Wowprogress page: ... g/Lorsaire

My artifact weapon for Unholy is fairly progressed, I am mid-way through Concordance 14 to 15, so I will open another Netherlight Crucible benefit soon. I focus on Unholy, and have all of the Unholy legendary items to date as well. I have most of the Frost DK legendary items as well and am now starting to hunt for Blood ones (I have one Blood legendary). My artifact weapons for Frost and Blood are progressed to Concordance 1. I've really focused on this character through most of Legion, though I also tend to maintain a set of max level alts, one of each class. I have my Mage and Druid to 110, and my Warlock to 107. All my others are only level 100. I only recently started leveling alts, and typically do not do any end game content on them but use them to help learn all the classes and to benefit my main in terms of resources. I have Alchemy & Enchanting maxed out, and most of my recipes to 3 Star, along with all but the 7.3 Food maxed out at 3 stars too. I was running Mythic plus weekly with a team through season one and did manage to get our m+15 done in time then, but my team since broke up and left WoW, so I haven't done as much since. I would like to find a team to start running higher level keys with again too if there is anyone in the guild who is interested or needs a team mate. I like collecting achievements, transmog, mounts, and pets, and put a good bit of time towards that too.

Lastly, I dedicate time to my team. Whether it was running and analyzing logs, pulling together some charts for performance ( ... UFrZ182eTQ as an example) or trying to look up best talents and builds for other members who were struggling. I wanted to help us succeed. I will do that with whatever team I am a part of.

Thanks for reading, I hope perhaps we'll find a mutual fit and there may be a place for me with you.


 Post subject: Re: Lorsaire - Unholy Death Knight - 110
PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 4:40 pm 
Blood Fist Officer
Blood Fist Officer

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Hey Lorsaire, add me me when you get a chance. Slims#1722

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