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Blood Fist v.s. Mythic Gorefiend


Welcome to Blood Fist

Like almost every Guild in any game, Blood Fist started out as a small group of friends.

Unholy/Anthraxus created Blood Fist on February 22, 2005. He and his best friend Kopfjagger along with Mobay and a couple others signed the charter. Oh and some guy named Colder was there. He signed too.

Side note: Blood Fist was almost called Goblin Light Artillery Brigade (lolol).

Anthraxus was the GM, but not two weeks after creating BF, he had to go away on business. He turned the Guild over to Kopfjagger. By the time Anth got back, Blood Fist had exploded into a thriving community. Since Kopf had pulled all the new folks in, he stayed GM. A few months and a lot more new people… Blood Fist was ready to raid!

Forty man raiding. It’s like herding kittens. Forty kittens on meth and/or jagerbombs. Blood Fist downed Ragnaros, killed Nefarian, defeated the original Onyxia and made headway in Anh’qiraj. There were a lot of good times to be had in forty-man raiding. It was an organizational nightmare, but you can’t say it wasn’t epic in scope. There were a large number of officers. Back then, you needed Class Leads to keep things straight. That Colder guy? He was the Mage CL.

Just before Burning Crusade came out, Kopfjagger got a new job. Not just any job, mind you. Kopf had landed a job working as a content developer on a little game called Warhammer Online. Everyone was excited and thrilled for him, but this also meant he was going to have to step down as GM. Enter Grailist.

Grail was a great GM. He is from New Jersey. As such, he’s the only member of BF who’s grandfathered out of the ‘no swearing’ rule. Grailist led the Guild through the transition from a 40 man team to 25 man raiding. Those were some trying times. At this point, Colder had stepped up as raid lead. Blood Fist bashed through Serpent Shrine Cavern, Mag’s lair and Gruul’s. Karazhan offered its own unique challenges from a leadership perspective. (How do we balance two 10’s? Argh!)

About midway through Burning Crusade, amidst all the successes within that tier’s raiding, Grailist decided that the time commitment required for leading a group like Fist was just a little too much. So after much deliberation, he turned Blood Fist over to Colder.

Raiding with Colder

  • Serpent Shrine Cavern
  • Tempest Keep
  • Magtheridon
  • Gruul's Lair
  • Karazhan
  • Black Temple
  • Sunwell
  • Naxxramas 2.0
  • Ulduar
  • Icecrown Citadel
  • Ruby Sanctum
  • Onyxia 2.0
  • Bastion of Twilight
  • Blackwing Descent
  • Throne of the Four Winds
  • Firelands
  • Dragon Soul
  • Mogushan Vaults
  • Heart of Fear
  • Terrace of the Endless Spring
  • Throne of Thunder
  • Seige of Orgrimmar
  • Highmaul
  • Blackrock Foundry
  • Hellfire Citadel

So that’s a lot of raiding. We did Heroics where we could. We got as far as we wanted to on some Tiers and fell short on others. It’s been one hell of a ride so far. Here is to many more years of excellent content!

Blood Fist Recruitment

WoW Guild Rankings


Blood Fist is a semi-hardcore horde raiding guild with both 10 and 25 man raid teams. We are a fun, knowledgeable and interactive group of people of all age groups. We have steadily risen in the ranks as a very competitive progression guild and we are looking to push even higher with each tier. We are currently aiming for a top 500 US (25M) / 1000 World (25M) ranking. We also have a great social community of friendly people. Some members in Blood Fist also enjoy PvP'ing.

Blood Fist Raids: Monday | Wednesday | Thursday :From 8PM - 12AM EST


As a raiding guild that raids only a few days a week, we need to make good use of our time. We do not expect you to miss important real life events, and we understand people have lives, however, we do expect you to be as consistent as possible and expect that you will contribute to making good use of raid time by always being responsible in using that time. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Having Complete Raid-Awareness and Knowing Mechanics(Stop Standing in that Fire!)
  • Be completely prepared. This means bring your Flasks, Potions, Well-Feds and Repaired 100%
  • Being On Time For Raids. We Want Our Raiders To Be Online 15 Minutes Before Raid Start
  • If You Plan To Go To A Larping Session In Your Local Woods, Please Post in our MIA Forum, So we know that you will be MIA. Not Posting could cost you your Raiding Spot and eventually your -Active- status within Blood Fist
  • Mumble and Speakers / Headset Required. (Even if you know all the fights)
  • Motivation and Dedication; During Progression Nights we may Wipe once or 30+ Times
  • Being Competitive, Knowing Your Class, Knowing how to Properly Gem and Reforge your character Inside and Out
  • Performing when it matters. Some boss encounters are not about pulling big numbers, or aoe'ing everything in sight trying to pad meters (/cough Isolator)
  • “QWR” aka Quick Wipe Recovery. Don't lay on the floor waiting for someone else to res you. Get back in there, buff up, and get ready for the 7 second dbm pull timer.
  • Studying and understanding boss encounters. If possible, know the mechanics of encounters from other class/role perspectives. Blood Fist is moving into Heroics, and as we all know Heroics have extra mechanics to them
  • We keep guild chat to a PG-13 rating as we have mom and dads in here with youngsters looking over their back. After 12AM you can discuss anything you want; as vile as it goes. We try to ask for no racism jokes as it can offend that quiet social member

What is LPS?

Blood Fist runs on a unique “DKP” system except instead of gaining points like traditional DKP systems, LPS works similarily to EPGP. This system works very well so that there are no “loopholes” where a fresh recruit can come in, collect all his gear and leave.

LPS Code

  • FK = First Kill. We downed a boss for the first time as a Guild. Triple time is awarded for those who were in attendance.
  • GC = Glass Chewing. We spent an entire evening doing nothing but wiping on a boss or bosses. Double time awarded.
  • N = Normal. No new bosses were killed. This is a typical raid night.
  • E = Excused Absence. You couldn’t make the raid that night, but gave your Role Leader or the officers lots of notice. Note that “I won’t be able to make it every Monday” does NOT count as Excused.
  • A = Absence. You couldn’t make the raid that evening. RL happens.

In depth

These values are now doing double duty. They are determining the calculations that promulgate your standing in LPS (this has not changed) and are being used as part of attendance percentage totals.

The Excused code is part of the reason why these percentages are so high. It is possible to miss multiple raiding days, but still have a high attendance percentage as long as the officers are aware ahead of time.

This may seem a bit extreme to some people. The intent here is not to make raiding feel more a like a job. The intent is to incentivize showing up to raids, which will (hopefully) lead to a more consistent team, which in turn will lead to smoother, more fun progression. The end goal is fun here folks. Being more successful while raiding in an enjoyable, casual atmosphere is what we want.

Trails and Ranks

Throughout the previous two expansions, Blood Fist has carried forward through raiding without a particular attendance policy. I’ll also go out on a limb and say our raid ranking structure has not been the most well defined concept as well. Towards the end of Wrath Blood Fist saw improvements in our viability and performance in the raiding theater. This change was initiated by many factors, but one of the big ones was an increase in raid team consistency. With Cataclysm, the pressure to continue this success and improve upon it has increased. In order to facilitate our ongoing trend towards progression the Guild’s leadership has put together a plan to formalize our policies towards attendance and the raider ranking structure.

We will have Three raiding ranks: Bloody Recruit (Old HurtLocker with guild chat privileges), Blood Guard, and Blood Raider.


Bloodlord, also known as the Guild Master

Blood Vizier:

Blood Viziers are first-class officers within Blood Fist.

Blood Commander:

Blood Commanders are Class Leads or Second Officers

Bloody Raiders:

Blood Raiders will be required to maintain 90% attendance percentage. To obtain this rank a Blood Guard will have to have 90% attendance for an entire LPS window and have spent at least 5 weeks as a Blood Guard.

Additionally, Blood Raiders must display proficiency within their given role that is above and beyond the average. The determination of this ‘X-Factor’ is based solely upon the evaluation of that team member’s Role Leader or Leaders.

  • This rank will be demoted to Blood Guard if they do not maintain this raiding percentage.
  • This rank will have priority to raid slots of their class/role.

Bloody Guards:

Blood Guards will be required to maintain 65% attendance percentage. To obtain this rank from Recruit one must have 65% attendance for an entire LPS window and have role leader approval.

  • This rank will be demoted to Blood Civilian if they do not maintain this raiding percentage.
  • This rank will have second priority to raids, only under Blood Raiders.

Bloody Recruits:

Blood Recruit will be required to maintain 65% attendance percentage through an entire LPS window (5 Weeks) before they can be promoted to Blood Guard.

  • This rank requires to be appropriatly geared for the current tier to raid with the team.
  • This rank will have third priority for raid slots.
  • This rank will not be allowed to LPS tokens for tier gear (unless no one else needs said token).

Bloody Civilian:

Civilians are the social class of the guild, these members have either zero or the lowest of priorities to raid.

  • This rank is that of the Social Member
  • Characters may be removed from the guild if they are inactive for more than 6 months

Bloody Alt:

Alts of mains.

  • This rank can be invited to alt raids.
  • Characters may be removed from the guild if they are inactive for more than 6 months.


  • Blood Fist compensates Recruits - Raiders with a 500G/Day Repair Benefit.
  • Well Fed Tables are provided by Blood Fist during Raids. Guildl bank tab with pots/flasks/food for raiders.
  • This tab is not guarenteed to be full so members are encouraged to donate mats or make their own consumables aswell.


Contact Colder / Taisetsu ingame by sending him a PM / In-Game Mail / Battletag Request -- Colder#1833 --

Mythic Progression

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Tyrant Velhari del>

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